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Power Play

Title:Power Play
Warning:consensual tying-up, really brief suggestion of past child abuse
Disclaimer:all that I owe is some Altoids and a dream
Summary:originally posted on sncj_santa for nawaeirae. Prompt = a fic where Tao just wants to be owned by Kris. was cleaned up a little bit before reposting ~

"I had a dream last night."
Tao is staring out over the mild gray waters of the bay behind their concert venue in Singapore. He doesn’t look at Kris while he’s talking but Kris looks over at him and fights an urge to unclip Tao’s bangs so they flop in his face and make Tao sputter. They had come out here to decompress together, before Tao had to run through his wushu routine and Kris had to primp and prepare for the press conference. Tao’s more reserved than the other members, normally, often playing with his phone during brief 20 minute breaks instead of seeking out someone to cling to. But today Tao’s been even more reserved that usual. Kris had suggested they “sneak” (as sneaky as they could be with idols, fans and handlers swarming around anyway) out to look at the bay, because water can be calming, and maybe if something wrong Tao will confide in him like he often does.
“Was it a nightmare?” Tao shakes his head and blinks slowly. “What happened?”

"Well," Tao stretches his arms out over the railing and drags the word out with them, "you were in it. You were a prince or something with a lot of money. You lived in a gorgeous house and wore expensive and tailored clothes, and your hair was black." Tao’s been secretly – secretly as in shooting Kris a disappointed look whenever he comes back to the dorm with his roots dyed blond – praying that he will go dark again.
“Were you like, my ward or something?”

"Mmmm I worked for you, kind of. I.. followed you around a lot, kind of like a pet." Tao's voice sounds dreamy and shy, and Kris lowers his eyes to make eye contact less intimidating.

"And I had a room, but I slept in your bed mostly. I wore a uniform too. It was black, with silver. And I had a silk collar that didn’t even have a knot, so I couldn’t take it off.”

“Were you a servant?”

“You owned me,” is Tao’s answer. He doesn’t add anything on, and Kris follows his gaze past the sea, slightly choppy now because of the wind. There are deeper implications that make something turn over in his chest. He imagines Tao, his hair flat and modest, kneeling in uniform while Kris focuses on paperwork or a book or anything distracting. His fingers twitch a bit and he imagines drumming them against Tao’s scalp in a gesture of ownership.

"I wonder what it means, is all. You told me what to do, I called you sir all the time," Tao lowers his voice, “I just kinda did whatever you wanted.”
“That doesn’t sound bad, actually.”
“No, it doesn’t.” Kris was half kidding but Tao sounds terribly serious. He grinds his toe into the sidewalk under them and doesn’t say anything more, as if their conversation is over. Kris lets it slide from his mind and tries to relax, lulled by the waves and the background noises of the pre-concert venue.
Tao mumbles something to himself but shakes his head when Kris doesn’t catch it and touches his arm in goodbye when a manager calls him over to test the slipperiness of the stage.
That isn’t the only kind of alone time they look for.
At some point, drained after the concert but never a particularly deep sleeper (just lazy in the mornings), Kris is pulled out of sleep by shifting noises in the bed next to him. He glances at the clock but the numbers slip from his mind as soon as he looks away, trying to make out Tao’s shape.

"Tao? Are you awake?"

"Yes," comes the reply, and Kris is only half awake but still his body reacts to Tao's low, breathy voice.

"Can you not sleep?"

Kris doesn't wait for an answer and rolls out of his bed, stumbling between them to Tao’s. He starts to snuggle in like he has dozens of times before, enveloping Tao in hopes that he’ll calm and become a dead weight against Kris’s chest.

"What's wrong?" Kris knows before he finishes asking because he wraps his arms around Tao from behind, and feels how hot and jittery he is. He drags his fingertips from the crook of Taos shoulder down a tendon in his arm until skin stops and Tao's boxers begin, his right hand shoved inside.

His head is still murky but Kris stops wondering if he's still dreaming and starts thinking with his dick. After finding the little free bottle of coconuty lotion he's feeling the familiar shudder in Tao's stomach and thighs and licking up his quiet pants. Instead of clinging to Kris’s shoulders and trying to rut against him Tao is half sunken into the bed. His limbs are splayed, only moving with Kris taps his leg into position or nudges his head to one side so he can suck at Tao’s neck.
Tao must be worn out from the concert but still have enough adrenaline swirling around in his system that he has to get off, so Kris pulls back, grabs Tao’s hips and thrusts up into him, bouncing Tao a little in his lap. Since he got a head start it doesn’t take long before Tao is humming like he’s biting his lip.

"C-can I come?"

Kris's stupor cracks a little; Tao never asks to come, always either gasps that he's just about to or makes Kris guess when his breathing and stroking speeds up. But now he's twitching a little and shuddering, holding back from letting go.

"Oh sir, it almost hurts, please -" Tao sounds more and more strung-out by the second and Kris feels him thrashing a little under him. Maybe he's asking for help? So Kris grabs his dick with one hand and strokes him a few times, then Tao swells and stifles his moans into the pillow as he comes.

Kris finishes soon after with his nails digging into the top of Tao’s ass. Pleasure bleeds into exhaustion almost immediately, but he fumbles his boxers back up to his waist and gets a hand towel from the bathroom. Tao is motionless as Kris wipes him off, then tosses the towel to the floor.

“Want me to stay?”

Tao groans and Kris takes it as a yes. When he lays down, Tao rolls onto his chest and goes still with breath puffing gently right above Kris’s nipple.

As Kris drifts off with Tao’s hair brushing against his chin, Tao calling him “sir” skips in his mind, like it should connect to something. It’s the only thing keeping him from sleep so he dwells for a little, and remembers the dream Tao had told him about while they were looking out at the bay.

They’ve never really tried anything besides flat-out sex, and Kris decides the experimenting is just healthy. This seems to put his mind to rest so he nuzzles Tao’s hair and gets pulled back down into the depths of sleep with thoughts of the steely black and gray sea.
Kris is not particularly familiar with sex shops, especially sex shops in Seoul. A few months ago Jongdae had found Kris’s laptop open on the coffee table and had added a few Gangnam adult stores onto their expense report. Kris had confirmed that Jongdae did not actually spend 100,000₩ of the company’s money and sent in the revised report but had never forgotten the name of the modest, sleek shop in Gangnam that he was now in. The owner must have figured that he didn’t really want or need help and was busying himself behind the counter.

The plugs and vibrators are appealing, but soon Kris finds the more severe section of BDSM-type materials. He’s not looking for ropes and metal. Tao had been specific about his dream, and Kris had learned to pay attention when the normally absent-minded Tao was earnest about detail.

Near the bottom of the display are a few shiny, silky looking lengths of fabric. The longest, coiled up, looks about the length of a headboard. The shortest is hanging with no knots and coils but is still short enough to not touch the ground. It’s about half a meter long when Kris picks it up and runs his hand along it. Glancing to make sure the owner isn’t watching him, he briefly tries wrapping the ribbon around his own neck to see how much slack there is. There is some, but not enough to be cumbersome.

At the counter he purchases this ribbon, and one of the longer ones, thinking it couldn’t hurt. The nerves he had earlier have given way to the same sort of forced solemn calm he felt shortly before performing Two Moons for the first time, before their first interviews.

Tao is not the first guy Kris has messed around with. He’d jacked off next to someone on his basketball team couple of times, and before they debuted and Lu Han decided to attach himself to Minseok, the former had snuck into Kris’s bed more than once to grip his headboard and whimper filthy Chinese as Kris jerked up into him, insecure and unsure.

But he’d always felt protective of Tao. Kris thinks it has something to do with watching his mother raise him on her own but he’d developed an acute sense of sympathy at some point between moving to Canada and back to China, and Tao aroused that in him from day one.

All of EXO knows the basics about Tao’s history: not a lot of money, worked while in school, took up wushu to build his confidence. But Tao whispered things to Kris that had been anchored in his heart so long that once he started telling he couldn’t stop: when his primary school teacher called him ugly; when the first boy he tentatively kissed in his bedroom blackmailed money out of him every week for a few months lest he be outed to his school; when his father smashed his head against a wall for the way his hips swayed when he walked. Kris never had advice, because the past is just that, but the way he rubbed Tao’s back and let Tao blink out tears until he could be still must have stuck with the younger. He kept coming back, and Kris kept letting him and found himself more and more easily in tune with Tao’s moods. The others noticed, but no one said anything because they didn’t isolate themselves and gave no cause to worry. Tao seemed happier after talking to Kris and that kept everyone safe from his wrath, most of the time.

His first time with Tao was around the time Tao was first practicing Black Pearl and would often get home later than everyone else. Very early one morning he’d arrived home and picked a fight with Lu Han who was still awake in the living room. Lu Han had slammed the door to the room he shared with Lay and woken Kris up. In the kitchen, trying to do damage control (which was hard but even worse when Tao seemed to just be throwing a shit fit with no motive) his hands had ended up on Tao’s knees with Tao sitting on the counter and avoiding Kris’s eyes.

Kris had moved his hands to Tao’s hips and Tao had lurched forward, making Kris close his eyes on reflex in fear the Tao was about to smack him. But Tao kissed him, hard, like if he kissed deep enough the frustration would become a part of Kris instead of himself, and out of surprise Kris kissed back. They moved from the counter to the couch, making out like one of them was going to war, not pausing when Lu Han peeked his head in to check their progress and scoffed like he wasn’t on Jongin’s lap every available second in Korea.

Walking out of the store with a nondescript and thus obvious black bag, Kris considers whether, in hindsight, the purchase was a good idea. If Jongdae finds it he’ll catch all sorts of hell for weeks, and it is possible that Tao was just testing the waters. He hasn’t snuck into Kris’s bed since so it is possible that he just wanted to get things out of his system.

Kris has never really considered the sexual gratification of being in control. He’s watched porn that involved the idea before but was more attracted by the desperation of some of the actors than by the actual power play itself. There was something definitely arousing about Tao wanting to just give it up to him, like he didn’t do it enough already with Kris being his dear duizhang. Like the leader-member role was now so ingrained in their relationship that Tao could actually get off from it.

Kris looks forward to playing with it. To say the least.


He gets his chance a week later.

Lu Han and Yixing drag him out one free half-afternoon to go shopping, but a block away from the dorm Kris is feeling restless and anxious and decides to return home. Once inside, he takes his shoes off and rubs his eyes. He’s so unaccustomed to a dorm this silent that his ears are ringing. Overtiredness is making a stress headache start to singe the back of his skull, so he pads into the bathroom and dry-swallows some aspirin.

He half-tries to convince himself that he has time to take a nap before dinner, but they might not eat all together tonight because Minseok and Jongdae are going straight from language class to a singing one with Lu Han, and Yixing was needed at the practice room until late and said that he might just eat with Jongin, but was being all Yixing and flip-floppy about it so Kris figures he should make enough food for the six of them. And he wants to have it ready by the time they all get home, but he doesn’t want to wait to eat dinner together, and he should maybe feel guilty? Because they won’t be together at the same table.

He knows that’s not fair to himself because they’re all busy and it’s easier to eat as a group when all their schedules are the same, which should be true in less than a month, and they still have time to do it on the weekends. But he should make dinner now, because he’s pretty sure Tao didn’t eat lunch and will bang pots together it the kitchen or whatever (something loud) before wandering into Kris’s room and drawling about –

Kris realizes that he has thought through this entire line of reasoning before and that he’s only repeating it because he doesn’t know what else to think about. He’s still standing in front of the mirror, so he pokes a little at his eye bags, brushes his teeth hoping it’ll help clear this stagnant restlessness (it doesn’t). He walks aimlessly into the living room and flops onto the couch, throwing an arm over his eyes.

His mind starts to settle, and he remembers that Tao is still home and didn’t come out to ask why he was back. Responsibility (accompanied by a disciplinary mental image of Joonmyeon) makes him swing his legs off the couch and blink until everything is in focus. The ribbon is still on his bedside table but Tao hasn’t tried anything since their night in Singapore. It hasn’t been an obscene amount of time, but with the lack of sex has come a strange lack of talking as freely as they did normally. Kris wonders if that’s what’s making him feel so frustrated and stale.

He goes into his room and stuffs the ribbon into his pocket. If Tao doesn’t want it, he can say no, right? Kris can jack off in the shower and see if that alleviates his restlessness even though he knows it won’t.

He knocks on Tao’s door and the way Tao mumbles “come in” makes him wonder if he woke the younger up. When he goes inside, however, Tao is curled up in front of the desk he and Minseok use more for storage than for actual reading. It looks like he’s trying to memorize Korean imperfect verbs.

“Hey, Yixing went shopping with Lu Han.”

“Ok.” Tao tugs a piece of hair behind his ear and doesn’t look up. Kris watches, then lightly steps up to him from behind. He pulls the crumpled ribbon out from his pocket and worries it between his thumb and pointer finger.

Tao flinches a little when Kris lays the ribbon across the exposed base of his neck. He doesn’t move as Kris ties the ribbon at the back of Tao’s neck, just tight enough to not slide up or down.

“Come watch TV with me.”

“Yes, sir.” Tao stands up smoothly and Kris leads him into the living room, side by side with Kris’s fingers gentle just under the ribbon. His eyes are dark and downcast, and he avoids eye contact when Kris sits down, instead kneeling on the floor next to his knee.

“Tao, you – ” Kris wonders if this utter submission is what Tao wants. He feels a sudden weight of power that’s exhilarating and intimidating, and swallows the dryness in his throat.

“Come sit up here. You can sit on my lap, put your head on my shoulder.”

Tao doesn’t show emotion and obliges, climbing onto the couch and leaning his back against the arm. His ass is heavy against Kris’s thigh and he gets another rush of possibility. Tao’s hair doesn’t smell like much of anything, just distantly of shampoo and gel. His body feels solid and the warmth is intoxicating, and Kris wraps his arms around Tao’s waist as the younger curls up to fit into position.

“Can you see ok?”

Kris feels Tao nod and watches his arm tuck up against Kris’s chest.

He hardly actually watches the TV as a drama becomes a variety show. His focus is taken up by Tao’s steady breathing and the thrumming of his body. The fact that Tao could beat the living shit out of him but is choosing to follow any and all of his whims is kind of confusing, but mostly really, really hot.

After a little less than half an hour there’s too much pressure in Kris’s chest. He nudges Tao’s forehead. “Look at me.”

When Tao shifts to make eye contact his ass rubs a little against Kris’s crotch and he realizes he’s at least half hard. Tao only edges him on further by clinging gently to Kris’s shoulders and peering at him with blown pupils.

“Hey,” Kris croaks, feels his pulse in the fingertips pressed on Tao’s hip, can see the dark pink of Tao’s tongue between his parted lips. “Is this alright? Be honest.”

Tao’s voice is thick and caught in the back of this throat as he says “yes, sir”. Parts of his body tense and Kris glances at the ribbon gleaming around his neck before his head falls forward as if on its own accord and they kiss. Kris slides his hand up from
Tao’s hip to grasp the back of his shoulder and pull him even closer. Tao is kissing him so intensely that Kris has to try to keep their teeth from clacking together.

Their kisses are long and hard and only stop with them both gasping a little. Kris moves his hand and presses a thumb to Tao’s nipple, and the noise Tao makes causes him to go lightheaded for a split second. He works it until Tao can hardly kiss him back and sighs high pants against his throat.

They stay like that until Tao is squirming more than Kris knows he can control. He gently pushes Tao towards the floor and Tao springs up like a cat, then follows Kris to his room, so eager that they don’t both closing the door. The older sits on his bed and Tao stands before him expectantly, hands clasped.

“Strip for me,” Kris’s voice cracks a little but Tao doesn’t react. He unzips his hoodie slowly and peels the tank top under it off even slower. Kris watches the way Tao’s toned stomach rises and falls with his deep, labored breathing. He must be fighting the urge to just strip and jump back into Kris’s lap.

“Keep going slow and you’ll get a reward,” Kris hears himself say. Tao’s next breath is shaky but he takes his sweet time undoing his jeans and pushing them down his thighs, making Kris very aware of every inch of supple, tan flesh. He steps out of them and hooks his fingers around the waistband of his boxers but the older becomes him forward.

Tao climbs onto Kris’s lap with his thighs on either side of Kris’s waist. He looks down at him sort of curious and expectant, and it would be cute if he wasn’t already completely hard. Kris massages Tao’s crotch a little just in hopes of a reaction and the only one he gets is Tao biting his lip so hard it turns white.

“You should have told me earlier, Tao, think of the fun we could have had.”

Tao trembles when Kris roughly presses his thumb where the head of Tao’s cock should be. “I’m sorry, sir. I should have.” He lets out a small “ah” as his boxers are pulled down to his thighs and his cock springs out, almost flat against his stomach. Kris grabs a handful of Tao’s ass and squeezes hard. Images of him bending Tao over his knee and spanking him flood his mind and as appealing as they as he knows neither of them would last a minute.

“We need lotion.”

Tao turns a deeper shade of red and looks away. “We don’t, sir.”

“Why –” Kris presses a finger against Tao’s hole and finds it already warm and sticky with lube. He stares up at Tao and presses two fingers inside, making Tao’s eyelids flutter.

“When did –”

“Last night, sir, I just – I thought you’d come to me eventually but I couldn’t wait, I’m sorry…”

“Shouldn’t you ask, first? What if I didn’t want you getting off for a reason, hmmm? I could have had plans, Tao, that was so

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Tao whines and Kris feels his dick throb under his palm. “I’m sorry, sir.”

The power and control is too much. “Lie down flat with your hands behind your back. This warrants punishment.”

Without a sound Tao shimmies into position, not even looking up at Kris, just waiting. After admiring the view Kris crosses the room and digs out the longer ribbon and his lube. Just to make everything go even more smoothly he slicks himself up a bit before tying Tao’s wrists together with the black length.

“Roll onto your side.”

When he does, Tao’s eyes and mouth are half open and he’s leaked all over the sheets. Kris knows he could probably make Tao come just from stroking him off but he’s almost painfully hard and wants to claim him fully.

He situates himself on his side behind Tao and props the other’s leg up, bent at the knees. Kris slides his bottom arm around so he’s supporting himself but can cover Tao’s mouth with one hand.

“Don’t restrain yourself, scream if you have to. But hold off from coming until I say.”

“Yes, sir,” Tao sounds like he’s on the verge of tears. Kris tries to catch his breath as he lines himself up, dizzy from the heat and the sight of Tao just lying there waiting for him.

The slide is tighter than normal but Tao doesn’t show any signs of pain, just keening like he’s surprised, breath hot and wet between Kris’s fingers. The older pushes and pushes until his hips are flush with Tao’s ass and he stays there for a second because he won’t last long and he knows it. If he didn’t know he liked the idea of power play before, having Tao bound and desperate in front of him is more than enough proof.

Kris starts rolling his hips forward in smooth, deep motions, one hand on Tao’s thigh to pull him backward and propel himself deeper. Tao moans with almost every stroke and moves his leg so that Kris can push even deeper. He should maybe be punished again for this, but the needy way he grinds backwards makes Kris forgive.

They establish a rhythm although the angle is a little strange at first. Kris feels himself plateauing more quickly than normal, probably because of how easily he’s getting so deep and Tao’s almost constant moans against his hand. The younger is clenching and unclenching his fingers and starts writhing in spite of himself, coming apart quickly, with his cock straining red against his belly.

Kris feels his orgasm rearing up and thrusts faster into the pliant body under him. On a whim he grabs Tao’s hair and yanks his head back, relishing the cry he gets in response.

“Do you want to come, hmm?” Kris is almost taken aback by his own voice. It’s more rough and vile than he’s heard himself in memory and it spurs him on, grinding into Tao hard and forgetting rhythm.

“Yes, sir, I do,” Tao sounds almost hysterical. His chest is heaving and his eyes are starting to roll back and Kris feels a surge of several different emotions flood his chest and throat. Moving the hand on Tao’s hip he takes his cock and jerks it once, twice, thrice, then Tao bows under him and comes with a silent scream, so hard it splatters on his chest. There’s a lot of it, and he barely finishes before Kris’s orgasm almost breaks him in half. He bites the pillow behind Tao’s head and lets go, hips snapping then stuttering then still.

Kris could stay slumped over Tao’s back for a few years, but he remembers the open door and the eventual return of the others and pulls out carefully. He unties Tao’s wrist and removes the binding from his neck, but is stopped by Tao’s hand on his wrist when he goes to close the door and get a towel.

“They won’t be back for a while,” Tao murmurs, his eyes tired but clear, “and I didn’t sleep that well last night”. Kris is easily pulled back into bed and they maneuver themselves under the covers.

“Was that what you wanted?”

Tao nods but his eyes are closed, and Kris can tell he’s more than halfway gone. As Tao falls asleep, Kris lays the ribbon on the pillow next to him.

He thinks it was definitely a smart investment.

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