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wind me up and make me crawl to you

Title: wind me up and make me crawl to you
Pairing: Kai + Sehun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slight humiliation kink, cross-dressing
Summary: once up on a time on twitter someone brought up Sehun being into humiliation and it was so intriguing so I tried it! a million sarangs to annie, maggie, em, siMoAN, and melissa for the support xx tlist rules

title from Finding Out True Love is Blind by Louis XIV

"Stop, Jongin stop, you dick."

Jongin takes out his phone and leans back against the practice room mirror. When Chanyeol barks and Sehun looks away, he leans over and slaps Sehun's neck again, for what is probably the fourth time.

"Knock it off." Sehun knows his voice gets less and less threatening each time he snaps at Jongin, who just smiles cheekily.

Their choreographer declares practice over and Chanyeol's out the door before he's done speaking. Joonmyun waves his arms in half-circles in an attempt to hustle them all into the van. Baekhyun and Kyungsoo grab their bags and shuffle out, and Sehun gets up from the floor -

only to have Jongin yank his ankle so he stumbles, then is rough-housed back to the ground, onto his knees. Jongin springs up, always playful and running on extra adrenaline when practice is cut early, and pins Sehun's calves down with his own. Sehun realizes his plan of attack too late and Jongin snatches both of his wrists, keeping them behind his back. Pitching himself forward in hopes of squirming away, Sehun's voice cracks on a shout when Jongin digs his fingers into his scalp and holds him, hovering over him, Sehun at a 40 angle to to his murky shadow on the wood.

"Say you're a bitch," Jongin laughs and Sehun bites his lip and tucks his chin downwards. He twists his torso and Jongin clamps on harder.

"Come on, Sehunnie, say it," Jongin's panting in his ear. "Actually, say you're my bitch. I'm Jongin's bitch."

If Sehun didn't need to leave before he does right now because he doesn't have enough willpower in him to keep him cock from swelling, especially when Jongin squeezes his wrists so tightly that he makes a noise he's glad could pass for anguish.

"Make me," he tries to sound challenging. Because Jongin thrives on challenge.

His right knee is knocked to the right so he slides lower, and Jongin tugs up on his hair, and this time Sehun does moan because he officially can't move. Any minute now someone could walk in to ask why they're being so slow and see him held and helpless under his bandmate. He decides that admitting he's Jongin's bitch would be a million times hotter with an audience. Sehun feels a twinge of disappointment that since he's facing away from the mirror he wouldn't be able to see the smug satisfaction on Jongin's face. Which is maybe a good thing because he would probably come on the spot.

"You know what you are, right Sehun?"

"I'm a bitch," he sobs, and feel a drop of precum slide down his cock.

"Whose?" Jongin's voice is suddenly rougher and he presses down on Sehun's back.

"Yours, I'm Jongin's bitch," Sehun wails a little too loud and a little too breathy. His captor is silent after he says it, holding him there suspended for a beat, then letting go all at once. Sehun collapses forward and just barely catches himself with his hands.

Jongin's already getting his bag and Sehun is shakily lifting himself when the door opens and Joonmyun looks so harassed that he doesn't need to say anything. Sehun scrambles for his messenger bag and thanks every deity and Santa Claus that he can situate it over his crotch because his harem pants are doing very little that's helpful.

Once they're through the door of the dorm, Sehun tries to walk purposefully but not bolt to his and Joonmyun's bedroom. He looks the door behind him and crawls onto his bed, then stuffs his face into the pillow.

With a sweaty hand around his cock memories flood him all at once: the pain in his wrists and back and neck, the thrill of having no control, Jongin making him call himself names. It's happened before, of course, but never this intensely, and afterwards he'd always taken a cold shower or thought about that weird mole on Luhan's ribcage to get his aching boner to go down. But this time it's too much and Sehun just wants it to go away before Joonmyun knocks their door down so he squeezes his cock once, twice, then his toes curl and he's coming so hard that he yelps in surprise.

There's a lot of it, and fresh biting pleasure takes him for so long that Sehun almost forgets to breathe. The satiety seeping into his limbs is interrupted by knocking on the door.

"Sehun-ah? Are you too tired to eat?"

"No, hyung, just a minute," he groans and wipes the cum off his hand, waiting for control of his legs to come back.


At dinner he sits across from Jongin, who looks frumpy as usual, except for the blistering glares he gives Sehun whenever their eyes meet.

Sehun wishes even more than before that another member had walked in on them. All the members, actually, and all the members of M too, and all of his friends.

Because at least that way Jongin couldn't use this as blackmail.


Sehun doesn't even try to avoid him the next day because that would seem too weird and Joonmyun would sit them down and demand they talk out their issues. They flick rice at each other at dinner and everything feels normal, not counting when Sehun jerks off in the shower to what happened the night before. He figures the more he gets off the less it'll turn him on in the future.

A few days later, they have a free day starting at 3 PM. Sehun goes out for bubble tea with Chanyeol while Jongin and the others go clothes shopping. After dinner Sehun tries playing Diablo with Baekhyun but decides to go to bed early. In his bedroom, he hears the door click open and shut behind him, and then the lock.

"I bought you something today." Sehun turns to see Jongin sitting down on the edge of his bed. He pushes a black plastic bag to Sehun, who's never seen a nondescript bag like this before.

"What brand?" He asks, taking the bag cautiously. Jongin shrugs and smiles.

"Doesn't matter. Open it. I wanna see you try it on."

"What - " Sehun reaches into the bag and the first thing he notices is that whatever's inside is very pink. And not the sort of greyish, muted pink of an old t-shirt he has but bubblegum carnival flamingo pink.

He raises it from the bag and lets it fall into its proper shape. Definitely made with a woman in mind, with skimpy straps and a sweetheart neckline. The lingerie is that light, frothy pink, accented with magenta along the neck and in a bow between where breasts would be. It has a soft A-line shape with ruffles all along the bottom hem. It's almost sickeningly feminine.

"What am I supposed to do with - "

"Remember back in May, when you were bitching about how much you wanted boba but we couldn't get any because Kyungsoo was still dieting and tweaked whenever we had stuff he couldn't eat, but I snuck out at ass-crack o'clock to get you some so you'd shut up? And you said you'd owe me? This is you paying me back." Jongin smiles, but it's not the grin he gives Kyungsoo or Baekhyun when he's genuinely amused. His eyes don't crinkle up all the way and it's more like he's baring his teeth. "It's just a joke, Sehun, don't be such a pussy. Put your little babydoll on and bounce around for me a little."


The fabric is blended and sheer and kind of scratchy. His shoulders are too wide for the straps but Jongin got lucky with the size because it's not too tight for him to wear, but tight so that his nipples almost poke through and the dress clings to his hips. Just smoothing his hands down his torso makes Sehun's cock twitch, especially when he looks in the mirror and sees how short the hem falls on him, hardly covering his ass.

Summoning his calm, Sehun straightens himself in front of Jongin and swallows. "You can look."

Jongin's eyes blink open, but don't widen once he's focused on Sehun. They burn from his chest, down over his stomach, and lock on his thighs.

"Take them off. You can't wear boxers with lingerie, dipshit. You're the biggest virgin I've ever met." Jongin flutters his fingers as a dismissive command. Sehun's chest swells and his knees unconsciously knock together in embarrassment; he was ok with just putting the lingerie on but he's starting to get hard from the way Jongin is looking at him like he's for sale, and his boner will be blatantly obvious without the cotton over -

"Oh my God, are you hard? Are you hard because I made you put on a little pink dress? You're fucked up, seriously. Should I have found little heels for you too? Do you wanna call me Daddy, hmm? Do you shave your balls because it makes you feel all soft and pretty?"

Sehun whimpers because his cock suddenly feels a lot heavier and he knows a flush is spreading from his cheeks to his exposed chest. His throat is dry so he can't respond and just twists the fabric of his nightie in his sweaty hands. It raises the hem enough so that the ruffles brush against his cock and he whimpers louder.

Jongin is leaning forward on the bed, staring Sehun done and grinning at him with malice. "Take off your boxers. Show me your dick, you freak."

Lust clouds Sehun's mind and his slowly, slowly eases his boxers down his thighs and steps out of them. His cock is fully hard and tenting his pink babydoll, the ruffles just about touching his balls, enough so his toes curl a little. What's making it worse is that Jongin doesn't even look turned on; he just looks like he wants to milk Sehun's shame as much as possible and that makes Sehun's balls ache.

"Wow. You must be really desperate." Jongin snorts and crosses his legs. "I'd say you were a virgin if you had any class but I bet you've been fucked a lot. I bet you were that kid who let people fuck you wherever and whenever, right? With your parents in the next room or maybe in a bathroom stall during your lunch hour?"

"Shut up.." Sehun's voice cracks and Jongin looks even more amused.

"Turn around in a circle so I can see your ass." Sehun does, almost stumbling a little on his shaky knees, feeling his cock shake with every movement. He can't look Jongin in the eyes when he's facing him again and instead stares at the carpet.

"It's the best part of you. It looks good for fucking. You can take it without any prep or lube, can't you?" Jongin groans a little and Sehun bites his lip at the sounds of Jongin's zipper going down. "Oh no, wait, I bet you're ready most of time because you do it to yourself so much. Maybe when Joonmyun's in the shower? You can finger yourself under the covers and think about the members fucking you,  is that what you think about? You've fucked yourself thinking about everyone because you want someone to do it so badly. Maybe spread your legs and try to make yourself last longer so Joonmyun will come in and take care of you, right?"

Sehun's so turned on that tears are forming and he feels precum wetting the front of his lingerie. He wants to be on Jongin's dick now, have it in him somehow, he doesn't care, he's past embarrassment and wants to be held down and fucked until he has burns on his back.

"Is that all true, little Sehunnie?"

"Y-yes," Sehun shudders and rubs his thighs together."

"You want the other members stuffing their cocks into you and using you?" Jongin's voice is dangerously low and he doesn't wait for an answer. "You want me to?"

"Yes, fuck, I do," Sehun almost sobs. Jongin crawls backward until his knees are on the bed and beckons him forward.

"Come kneel here but don't touch me. Don't touch yourself, either."

Scrambling onto the bed, Sehun still avoids Jongin's eyes and spreads his legs, suppressing a whine at the loss of friction. The other places his hands on Sehun's hips and rubs upwards, then down over his thighs, between them, but not close enough to relieve the pressure building there.

"You want me fucking your ass, don't you?"

Sehun just moans and clenches his hands with want to grab Jongin and sit on his cock. Jongin takes that as a yes.

"Get me hard, first." Jongin manuevers until he's sitting on his knees with his feet against the headboard and motions for Sehun to lay down. When Sehun flops onto his stomach and jerks, rubbing himself against the duvet, Jongin grabs his hair.

"No, on your back - like that, yeah," he growls when Sehun rolls onto his back. He props one knee up out of habit and it makes the lingerie pool around his aching cock. He stares at the ceiling until Jongin straddles his face, jeans and underwear gone and cock standing straight up. Sehun lets his mouth fall open and he feels a burn of shame when he starts salivating for Jongin's thick erection and tight, heavy balls.

Without asking for anything, Jongin curls his fingers into Sehun's hair and guides his head to rolls backward just a bit. "Relax," Jongin soothes as he curls tighter, then he's pressing closer to Sehun's face and easing himself into Sehun's wide mouth.

Sehun sucks hungrily as soon as Jongin's hot, musky taste is all over his tongue. The angle is new but it's great for sucking cock because soon all of Jongin is thick in his mouth and throat, his balls just under Sehun's nose so that when Sehun breathes the heat is overwhelming. He submits fully and just works his mouth around Jongin as the older starts rolling his hips and using Sehun's throat, panting heavily and squeezing his fistfulls of hair.

After a particularly deep thrust Sehun dazedly remembers his own cock and tries to slide a hand between his legs only to have Jongin yank on his scalp.

"I told you not to touch yourself, you can wait, needy slut," he grunts and continues rolling his hips, shoving his thick cock and deeply as Sehun can take it. Soon Sehun feels like he's melting and he squirms, hot and pent-up and desperate to come. Everything is too much, sensory overload, and he needs Jongin to stop messing around and just fuck him from behind. He needs it so badly his ass aches and he can feel his hole clenching.

"Oh, my God, shit - " Jongin groans and pulls himself out of Sehun's mouth inch by inch. The head is pressing against his lower lip as Jongin comes in thick splatters all over his mouth. Sehun twists his legs together because fuck he wants to come too, hard, all over his stomach, just to get rid of the tension. 

But Jongin is stepping off the bed now and Sehun turns to look up at him, gasping. He realizes how wrecked he must look before he can turn away and Jongin laughs. He tosses a bottom of lube onto the bed near Sehun's feet. 

"Wipe the cum off your face and start prepping your asshole." Jongin pulls up his jeans and catches his breath while Sehun cleans his face. He coats two fingers and pushes them in as Jongin opens the door.

"Hyung - " his voice is scratchy but high with need - "hyung where are you going, don't leave me, hyung - "

But the door closes behind Jongin and Sehun almost cries out at the injustice. He shoves his fingers further into himself though the stretch is a little uncomfortable, starts playing with his cock like he's been needing and oh, pleasure starts to swallow him up, he imagines Jongin staying and wrapping his legs around his waist and fucking him properly -

The door opens again and Sehun is too far gone to be self conscious. But it's not Jongin.

"Are you - " Joonmyun stops dead in his tracks and lets the door swing shut behind him. He starts to sputter. "Jongin said you, you wouldn't tell him what was wrong and just, curled up in bed and kept asking for me and - Sehun - "

"Hyung, help, please," Sehun doesn't care if Joonmyun tells their manager or the CEO or everyone he's ever met; he's so on edge and he knows Joonmyun's cock is long and will fill him up perfectly.

Later, when Joonmyun finally slides his cock into Sehun, the younger trembles and arches and can't keep from squealing because it's so good to have someone buried inside him. As Joonmyun thrusts into him Sehun writhes and moans and grips the sheets, trying to grind down and get Joonmyun as deep as possible. It doesn't take long at all for him to dig his nails into his hyung's shoulders and come keening and shaking, his orgasm crashing down on him hard and fast and all-consuming. Joonmyun fucks him through it so that Sehun is rattled with aftershocks until he feels the hot, sticky satisfaction of someone filling him up with come.

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