stadiumsea (stadiumsea) wrote,

Beautiful Boy

Title: Beautiful Boy
Pairing: Kris + Tao
Rating: NC-17 (blowjobs ayyy)
Genre: fluffy smut
Summary: this spoke to me. every picture taken together is an excuse for porn!

The first thing that happens when Tao comes out of the bathroom after his shower is a panda hits a him squarely in the chest.
“Put it on your head, company wants us to email the webmaster some pictures so they can put them on Facebook.” Kris is sitting cross-legged on the bed and the manager is standing next to him, holding a camera expectantly. Tao smirks and plops the stuffed animal on his head, adjusting it until he’s sure it won’t fall.
“Smile big,” Kris coos and the manager snaps the picture.
“It’s very cute, they’ll love it, now the two of you together.”
Tao sits next to Kris, who takes the panda off of his head and replaces it with a stuffed dog. Kris dons the panda and the manager laughs.
“Adorable couple, smile.”
He shows them the picture after it’s taken, tells them their wake up time for tomorrow, and heads out. Tao keeps his position leaning behind Kris, and rests his head on his shoulder. The dog falls off his head and he snorts.
Kris nuzzles his nose into Tao’s damp hair. “You smell good,” he murmurs. “You going to sleep? You really should.”
Tao hums. “I don’t know, I kind of want to poke around on Weibo a little maybe.”
Kris makes a small noise and wraps his arms around Tao’s waist. He likes when they have time like this. Quiet and relaxed and warm and alone. Sometimes he’d be just content with curling up behind Tao while Tao scrolled through fan pages or watched old Jackie Chan videos. At first the touching had just been for comfort; one time Tao was badly scared by Lay and had curled up in Kris’s bed, against his chest. But Kris kissed him in a fit of adrenaline a few weeks later, and ever since they’d been together like this. There weren’t labels on it, and if the others knew or didn’t know, it hardly mattered.
“I’ll go to bed when you do probably.” Tao lifts his head from Kris’s shoulder and smiles at him. The older starts fiddling with his piercings. “You shower with these in?” Tao nods. They make eye contact and Kris’s hand stays where it is. He glances at Tao’s lips and that’s all the hint Tao needs. They kiss softly at first, like a greeting, then miss again, this time like people who are well-practiced. Tao holds the back of kris’s neck to kiss him deeper, and kris pulls a little at Tao’s lip with his teeth. Their tongues mesh and they start to press closer and closer. They could do nothing but kiss for a long time and not get bored, but Kris had other plans.
“Lay down.” Kris mutters as he half-pushes Tao backwards up the bed, so that his head lands on a pillow. Kris is suspended over him by his forearms and kisses him again, this time until Tao has to break away to catch his breathe. Kris’s lips graze his cheek, then his jaw. He kisses the junction of Tao’s jaw and neck. Kris slowly makes his way down the expanse of Tao’s neck, sucking a little at the chain of his necklace and nibbling his Adam’s apple.
He pulls up so he’s on his knees looking down. Kris takes the soft while belt holding Tao’s bathrobe in place and pulls the knot loose, throwing the belt off the bed. He slides the robe open, white terry cloth giving way to Tao’s smooth body.
Kris has seen Tao naked before, had seen him naked many times before this started, but he never gets tired of it. He’s tan everywhere, not buff but taut and toned.
“You’re gorgeous,” Kris says absentmindedly. Color rises in Tao’s cheeks and he squirms a little under Kris’s gaze. Kris leans back down and mouths at his chest, in the depression between his pectorals. He kisses sloppily across to a nipple and twirls his tongue around it slowly before sucking until it’s in a peak, then does the same to the other, making Tao gasp a little and pant a lot.
“Your nipples are really sensitive.”
“Shut up.” Tao’s voice wavers. Kris bites down on a nipple and he whimpers. Triumphant, Kris continues down between his rib cage, lapping at the slight muscle definition on his stomach. He presses his tongue into Tao’s bellybutton and Tao half giggles half moans. His happy trail isn’t much, but Kris nuzzles and kisses every inch. Tao’s hipbones are poking out irresistibly, so Kris starts leaving a mark there.
“Wait - wait,” Tao forces out through a haze of arousal, “what if my shirt rides up and people see?”
“Wu shu injury,” Kris grunts before sucking hard on the dark red contusion spreading over Tao’s hipbone. Tao lets him continue, entwining a hand in his soft dirty-blond hair.
Once Kris is satisfied with the bruise on Tao’s hip, he licks down slowly to his inner thigh. Tao raises his knees and spreads them, losing his modesty under Kris’s teasing tongue and teeth. Kris hums against the supple, soft skin.
Eventually Tao tugs on his hair impatiently in a plea for him to move his head. Kris complies, turning his attention to Tao’s erection. Kris nuzzles through the patch of dark hair at the base and wetly kisses it. He goes slowly all the way up the shaft, mouthing along until he reaches the leaking head.
When Kris fits his mouth around Tao’s cock, the younger has to bite the pillow to keep from moaning. It’s not his first blowjob, but it’s the first time he’s had the courage to actually look down and watch Kris, hair falling over his face, pretty mouth in such an obscene position. He takes Tao in slowly, like he’s savoring it. Tao can actually feel Kris’s tongue swirling around him and he has to hold back from grinding up against Kris’s face.
The room is silent except for Tao panting and small sucking noises. Kris is picking up speed, earnestly bobbing his head. Once he looks up and makes eye contact with Tao and he looks so sweet, like the leader he is to all of them, and it makes Tao’s stomach flip. Kris starts to hum a little with effort and wraps his hand loosely around the part of Tao that his mouth isn’t reaching and starts to squeeze and release him. It makes Tao raise his hips and his eyelids flutter from the added stimulation. He pushes up into the slick heat and feels himself push all the way into Kris’s mouth, into his throat.
“Wu Fan,” Tao groans, “Wu Fan, stop, stop I’m close - “
His hips are moving without control and he feels heat consuming him. Tao looks down at Kris one more time and sees him with a hand between his legs, rubbing himself through his jeans, and loses it.
He makes a choked noise right before he cums in Kris’s mouth, riding it out as he feels Kris swallowing. Pleasure bleeds through him and makes him weak, but when Kris crawls up to be level with him Tao reaches to shakily pull down his zipper. Kris’s cock springs free and although Tao’s motor skills aren’t all the way back together he tries to give Kris a sloppy hand job. Kris mutters nonsensically into his ear, about how he’s so gorgeous and so good, then he gasps twice and his body jerks as he releases all over Tao’s hand.
They lay still and catch their breathe. Kris rolls over and grabs the box of tissues to wipe the sticky mess from Tao’s palm. He lays back down next to Tao and the younger rolls into his chest.
“I’m tired now,” he mutters. Kris smiles and kisses his forehead. “Go to sleep, hmm?”
Tao looks up dazedly, then shrugs the rest of the bathrobe from his shoulders. “It’s hot,” he gurgles before pushing his legs under the covers. Kris kicks off his jeans so he’s just in his shirt and boxers and climbs under too. Tao curls up to his chest almost immediately.
“I’m falling asleep,” he mumbles. “Goodnight.”
Kris turns off the light and buries his nose into Tao’s now dry hair. “Sleep well, peach.”
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