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Bejewelled. Taoris.

taoris//nc-17//2,165//tao gets piercings. kris doesn't mind.

When Kris asks Tao what Tao wants for his birthday, he’s not surprised when Tao requests money. Not because he’s low on cash, ever, but because Kris isn’t the best at picking out gifts. The other members know he’s sweet, and cares, and wants the very best for them, but when it comes to birthday or holiday presents, Kris just struggles.

“Can I at least use the money to buy you something?”

Tao shakes his head and takes a sip of his boba. “Nope. Just money, please. It’s for something specific. I want to buy it.”

“Zitao,” Kris frowns even though he knows he’s already lost, “just…write down the exact, specific details you want for whatever it is. Include pictures. Include store names and directions to those stores. I can buy it for you.”

“You literally can’t. It’s something I have to get myself.”

Kris frowns deeper, then his eyes pop open. “Is it a tattoo? No. I forbid it.”

“It’s not a tattoo,” Tao huffs, “and you can’t tell me what to do. You’re close though. Just…give me money the morning after my birthday, and that afternoon I’ll have a surprise for you, and a present for myself.”

A surprise for you. Kris feels a little thrill go through him at this.

“Is it…it’s not a piercing is it?” Tao shrugs and slurps boba.

But the mysterious present bothers Kris for the next few days, during Tao and Luhan’s public party, and the one just for the members, and when he’s staying up late with Suho on throwing-up-or-bad-decisions-watch after all of Exo decides to experiment with soju.

He ends up not giving Tao money the next morning, because Tao’s in bed until 2 nursing a wicked headache. But the next day he’s back in perfect health, and practically bounces up to Kris at breakfast.

“I’m getting my present today.” He’s beaming, which eases the slight pain in Kris’s wallet as he hands over a few bills before Tao leaves.

Kris doesn’t see Tao for the rest of the morning and afternoon, time spent eating with Suho and playing soccer with Luhan. He’s back in the dorm making dinner when soft footsteps pad into the kitchen.

“Hi, ge,” Tao says in a sweet little voice. “How was your day?”

He looks kind of shy and tired, in sweatpants and a t-shirt, like he was going to sleep. Tao comes to stand next to Kris and watches him stir rice and egg.

“It was fine. Where’s your present?”

Tao pivots back and forth a little on his heels. “I got it. I have some change for you, wasn’t as expensive as I thought.”

“Can I see it?”

Tao smiles and lowers his head like he’s pointedly avoiding eye contact. It makes Kris kind of nervous. He turns the stovetop’s heat to low and faces Tao.

“What is it? Show me.”

Tao finally looks up to make eye contact with him and Kris tries to make his gaze as stern as possible.

“Show me, Zitao.”

Tao’s fingers find the hem of his shirt, and Kris thinks, his nipples. He eyes Tao’s chest warily until he notices that Tao has stopped lifting his shirt about halfway up his torso. Kris looks down to his bellybutton –

Glints of silver catch his eye just about Tao’s boxers. Kris’s eyes dart downward and he sees them.

They must be barbells that go under the skin, a dermal piercing, because the only part showing are two small silver spheres on both of Tao’s hips. They’re right in the smooth valley between his hipbones and the slight V that leads down to his crotch, pointing down like lights on a runway. The skin around the piercings is a tiny bit red, and it makes them stand out even more.

Kris swallows heavily and Tao shifts a little. “I’ve wanted them for a long time, and thought now would be as good a time as any, and I think they turned out really nicely.” He sort of pushes one hip forward and back and it makes the piercings shine.

“Do you…what do you think?”

Kris can’t think, not too well, not in complete sentences. He’s always found Tao’s affinity for piercings attractive, increasingly hotter as he got to know how conservative Tao was as a person. They symbolized something deeper about him, darker, and even just watching Tao put his earrings on made Kris’s blood boil a little.

“Ge?” Tao’s looking up at him with worry. He thinks Kris doesn’t like them and is trying to think of something to say.

“They’re gorgeous. I love them.” Kris’s voice is a little off. He steps closer to Tao. “Zitao, God, they’re really – “

He reaches out to touch one when a door down the halls slams and someone’s talking in loud Korean. Tao drops his shirt and turns to the stove, grabbing the spoon and stirring, It takes Kris’s brain a moment to catch up and by that time Chanyeol is fluttering between them trying to peck out pieces of rice. Tao ends up going back to his room and Kris can’t help but feel teased.

Arousal is twisted in him all through dinner when he sits next to Tao and has to avoid leaning over and touching the piercings he knows are hidden under flimsy cotton. Afterwards, as Kyungsoo offers to do the dishes, someone decides to watch a movie in the family room and everyone just kind of flops onto couches and armchairs. Kris maneuvers so he’s right next to Tao, and pulls a blanket over them, pretending to whine that Baekhyun should stop messing with the thermostat and freezing everyone’s balls off.

The movie starts and Kris can’t wait. He slides a hand onto Tao’s thigh, just so Tao knows he’s there and doesn’t jump. The taut muscle tenses just a little bit, as if to say not here not now. Kris rubs circles into Tao’s leg, watching the screen, until Tao relaxes.

Kris slowly moves his fingers, up Tao’s thigh to his waist. He pushes them under Tao’s shirt and can feel the hot skin around the piercings. One fingertip searches, grazes over the slightly cool metal bump.

Tao tenses suddenly, making Lay on his immediate left glance over at him. He probably assumes Tao’s getting a handjob and just turns away. Kris slowly rubs back and forth over the stud until Tao relaxes just a little. He finds the other one and teases it in the same way, then expands to play with both, just feeling the contrast of Tao’s soft skin and the unnaturally smooth, hard metal.

When Kris presses down a little harder, he barely hears Tao stifle a noise. He’s tense again, but not as violently. The piercings must still be sensitive, though. Kris returns to softly rubbing the barbell.

That is, until three of Tao’s fingers take his own and press it to the piercing again. Tao lets out a sort of controlled breath, like it hurts, but he makes Kris press again, and again, and –

Oh, Kris realizes with a filthy surge of arousal that yes, it does hurt Tao to have his hips poked like that, but that’s the point.

Kris feels his cock twitch as he applies more pressure to Tao’s piercing. Whenever the younger starts to relax a little, he pushes his finger deeper, making Tao wince again, until Kris has to control the roughness of his ministrations so he doesn’t look like he’s stabbing Tao in the side under the blanket. He starts to pinch. Looking for the barbell under the skin and tugging at it. This makes Tao’s mouth fall open in a silent whine and Lay seems to shift away from them.

But Kris could not care less; doesn’t care if everyone in the room thinks he’s feeling Tao up under the blanket or that he’s an exhibitionist. He toys with the piercing until Tao writhes a little, rubbing his legs together. Kris lets go of the metal, letting the skin fall back into place, and palms slowly down between Tao’s legs.

He’s hard, very hard, to the point where there’s a decent wet spot on his sweatpants. Kris feels himself swell and has a sudden need to get Tao alone and take care of him, now.

Mumbling an excuse isn’t even necessary, not when everyone knows and no one cares, but Kris still half-asses something about his laptop acting funny and having Tao look at it as they bumble out from under the blanket and down the hall. They stumble into Kris’s shared room and Tao pushes the door closed with his back. He looks up at Kris, breathing shallow.

“Wufan,” he pleads, “Wufan, just – help me finish – “

Kris groans and presses him against the door, both hands finding his hips and pressing his thumbs into the piercings. Tao moans through biting his lip. He bites down even harder when Kris starts sucking at his neck while kneading his hips. Tao’s body is almost jerking from the pain and he grinds his cock against Kris’s thigh.

With a gasp and a few frantic thrusts, Tao comes in his pants. Kris doesn’t realize it at first, but when he does he makes a firm and conscious decision that it’s the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

Tao’s flushed with heat and embarrassment. He takes off his dirty sweatpants, kicks them off his long legs. Kris pulls him, walking backwards until he finds the bed and sits down on it. With fast hands, he presses Tao lengthwise onto the bed, his head on the pillow.

“Why didn’t I know,” Kris murmurs, “that you have a thing for pain?”

“I don’t think I knew either,” Tao replies dazedly. He arches upward a bit and Kris meets him halfway. They kiss hard, but not maliciously. Kris sucks on Tao’s bottom lip and pushes his tongue in to mingle. Their heart rates slow down, everything slows down as they kiss. Tao hums contentedly into Kris’s mouth.

Kris would be happy to stop there and go jerk off in the shower, but then Tao says, in a small voice, “try licking them. I wanna see how it feels.”

Well, ok, if he insists.

Kris smiles and kisses Tao’s jaw, then his neck. They pull apart as Tao lifts his shirt over his head, then Kris kisses his chest, down the smooth valley of his pecs. He licks his way down Tao’s stomach until he branches off to a hip.

The metal tastes a little like the iron in blood, but much cleaner. The surrounding skin is still red from Kris playing with them. Tao sighs and spreads his legs so Kris can have better access. He licks around and under the spheres, making the piercing shift a little and Tao squirm again. After a few minutes of just this, Tao mumbles something into his shoulder.


“Bite them.”

God, Kris aches. He sticks a hand into his boxers and finally squeezes his cock, eyelids fluttering as pleasure crackles in him. He tenderly takes a piercing between his front teeth and nibbles. Tao whimpers.

“Feels good?”

Tao makes a high noise of approval and Kris continues nibbling. At first he’s just barely squeezing the piercing with his teeth, then he starts biting, both the area around the piercing and the outline of the barbell. The latter makes Tao buck and let out sharp little noises of discomfort.

The hand not in Kris’s pants goes back to plucking at the other piercings and Tao outright moans. He grabs a handful of Kris’s hair and grinds upward, causing the tip of his cock to nuzzle Kris’s neck.

“I really like this newfound fetish,” Kris sighs into Tao’s skin. He kisses down sloppily, away from the piercing and towards Tao’s cock. Kris is so eager that he swallows Tao almost right away, and Tao takes a whooping gasp before biting into the pillow.

Kris works like a machine; one hand scratching at Tao’s piercing, the other jerking himself, and his mouth wrapped around Tao’s cock. He sucks and swirls his tongue and makes obscene noises but he can tell it’s making Tao hotter and hotter.

“I don’t – Wufan – “ Tao keens and babbles and Kris knows what it means. He yanks at Tao’s piercing and Tao jerks, crying out into the pillow and coming again, harder than the first time, all over Kris’s lips and tongue. He licks, swallows, and stands. Kris pumps his cock a few more times before finally reaching orgasm, making sure his cum splatters all over Tao’s hips.

Kris is shaken afterwards, wobbily. He tucks himself back into his pants for falling next to Tao on the bed. The younger swipes cum from himself and Kris groans quietly as Tao licks his fingers clean.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you,” Kris says in half-delirium. Tao curls up to his chest like always, then leans up and kisses his nose.

“I forgive you, I suppose.”

a//n: so once upon a time on tumblr I thought "hey what if tao had hip piercings" and people were gung-ho about it. led to this, which is being posted at an embarrassing time of nightmorning. senioritis a year early? but yeah, unbeta'd. also I don't know the most about piercings so sorry if I'm wrong about everything!! hip piercings are gr9 y'all

Tags: exo, fic, i don't even have tags lbr, tao is a peach pie and i lub him
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