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wind me up and make me crawl to you

Title: wind me up and make me crawl to you
Pairing: Kai + Sehun
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slight humiliation kink, cross-dressing
Summary: once up on a time on twitter someone brought up Sehun being into humiliation and it was so intriguing so I tried it! a million sarangs to annie, maggie, em, siMoAN, and melissa for the support xx tlist rules

title from Finding Out True Love is Blind by Louis XIV

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zhou mi, dark

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So for a while I've really been wanting fic where Xiumin wants to smash Tao bad, but Tao's sweet/oblivious, and that just makes Xiumin want him more and is miserable etc eats his lust etc

and I'm tempted to start it but ugh no

no help, someone stop me....